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Matthias Priller

Matthias Priller is a music producer involved in the development of bands and general music projects. He has already managed and executed numerous productions for his record company „SoundsGoodSounds“ in the Tricone Studios and/or other recording studios. He’s well connected in the regional music scene through multiple projects and activities he’s been doing over the years. He possesses a comprehensive knowledge regarding networks, music production, and band- and event management.

Matthias Priller has founded the platform berlinmusiker.de, with which he’s supporting and stimulating the Berlin music scene infrastructure with a large number of opportunities. 




Peter Pangerl, better known as Chakuza, is an Austrian rapper. After finishing an apprenticeship to become chef, he teamed up with DJ Stickle and MC J and formed the hip hop group Verbale Systematik. When MC J left the group in 2002, they changed their name to Beatlefield and became a production duo. In November 2012 it was announced that Chakuza had been signed to Four Music.

Chakuza just released his new album "Suchen Und Zerstören 3". Between animalistic aggression and deep black depri thoughts, the Austrian rejoins the successful principles of the two previous albums and presents with the upcoming album a dangerous cocktail of blackest wits and desperate cold, flanked by beats.

"NEBEN MIR" is just one of the amazing songs on Chakuza's new album. 


Jasmin Tabatabai

Since the beginning of the 90s Jasmin Tabatabai works both as an actress and as a musician. Her breakthrough in both areas came in 1997 with Katja von Garnier's music road movie "Bandits", in which she successfully combined her passion for music with acting. For her co-composed soundtrack to the film, which is the most successful of a European feature film with more than 700 000 CDs sold, she received the Golden Record in the same year.

In 2010 she published Rowohlt's "Rose Years" - the story of her family and her youth memories in Iran.

Apart from her albums with her country trash band "Even Cowgirls get the Blues" and "Bandits" she released two solo albums "Only love" and "I ran" as well as her first jazz record with David Klein "Eine Frau", for which in 2012, she received the jazz echo as "Best Singer National".


*Photo Credit: Stefan Klüter